I Was Born That Way

January 29, 2016

If you’ve been to our office, you know that pretty much everything you learn here seems to be 180 degrees from and diamaterically opposed to everything you learned in school about your health.   Everything you learned in school, depending on the year you attended, was nature caused or nurture caused.  It never had anything to do with you.

There’s a satellite radio program hosted by the medical faculty of the University of New York, Langoon Medical School.   I listen to it frequently to get an understanding of what people are being exposed to on a typical visit to the medical clinic.  I’m not surprised that this select group has no compunction about using any and all drugs for any and all purposes and pretty much any or all ages.

Last night a cardiologist mentioned that he gets nervous before he presents before groups of cardiologists.  So, he simply takes propranolol, a no specific beta receptor blocker, cardiac medication.  Using his knowledge of the non specificity of this drug, in that it affects other functions in addition to the heart, he applies this “off label” as they say.   He said “you don’t even know it’s there, but it just takes the edge off.”

I do a lot of public speaking.  I get nervous every time.  That’s what’s supposed to happen.  It focuses me and forces me to prepare and deliver.  In my mind, taking propranolol is no different than a shot of whiskey or smoking a joint to “relax”.  If the doctor literally couldn’t function, I can maybe see managing your inability to interact with others.  If it interfered with his marriage, or job or whatever.  The guy somehow made it through medical school, and is on faculty at NYU.  This is clearly not the case.  This is recreational drug use.  And lots of people do that.  Not too many get on the radio and admit it.

The reason he did this is because he doesn’t see it as recreational drug use.  He wouldn’t have admitted to smoking a joint or taking a shot of whiskey.  Our culture condones only prescriptions or alcohol as recreational drugs.  Unless you live in Colorado….

Another mom called in this morning to the pediactric show asking whether or not it’s OK if her 17 year old start on stimulant medication, and she was wondering whether it was safe because she knew that adults use stimulants like Ritalin and Cylert for the rest of their lives.  I don’t need to tell you what the doctor host replied.  You already know the answer.  On the emergency room doctor show, a month or so ago, the ER doctor admitted to writing antidepressant prescriptions “like candy”.  “We do it all the time”.

Today somebody asked me if I was always looking at how people walk and whether they’re crooked or not.  I used to.  After 24 years in practice, I’m now more interested in why people think it’s OK to be crooked, unable to walk, on medications for the rest of their lives.  How did they get this understanding?  Who told them that’s how it’s supposed to be?  Were they just born broken?  Sick?  Chemically imbalanced?

That is EXACTLY the message on the doctor show.  I have medical physicians for siblings.  That is exactly what they believe as well.   When I point out that my wife and kids haven’t really had any need for medical care in their lives, except the ER for orthopedic trauma, they say “You’re just lucky.  You wait…”

It is a belief system that causes people to trapped in the medical world of a lifetime of medication.  The false belief that you were born broken.  That your body was made with not quite enough Ibuprofen to keep your head from hurting. A shortage of Lipitor to allow you to eat Pop Tarts everyday. Not enough serotonin so you can be happy without exercising.  Not enough Zithromax to fight off bacteria.  Not enough Metformin to eat bagels for breakfast.  It’s not your fault.  You were born this way.

‘You were born that way’ is promoted and profited from by a large swath of our economy.  They NEED you to believe this to keep you from taking action yourself.  If you believe it, you’re not going to lift a finger for your own welfare.  Why would you?  It’s out of your control.  The best you can do is donate to the American Heart Association, raise money for the pink ribbon folks, have your kids do a fundraiser for the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation…. and hope they can come up with a cure.

The NYU doctors are all in harmony with each other, no matter the discipline… urology, pediatrics, cardiology, mental health, sexual health…. it’s all genetics.  You are then at their mercy.  You need their wares.  You are made helpless.  That’s just what they need you to believe.

Medicine isn’t bad.  It’s for crisis intervention.  Thank God the doctors and staff are there when you have a crisis.  But, the parking lot at St. John’s Hospital (or any hospital) looks as full as the parking lot at the Metrodome during a Vikings game.  And that’s 7 days a week.  Full of sick people’s cars and the people that love them.

All those people did not have an accident.  They are there because they’ve been lied to about the cause of disease and the cause of health.  You can’t get healthy at a hospital or medical clinic.  You CAN keep from dying. I valuable skill and wonderful service that I am thankful exists.

Like not being homeless and broke isn’t the same thing as being wealthy.  Not being in the hospital isn’t the same thing as being healthy. If our belief system is we will be broke no matter what we do, we will never save a dime.  We will never have a chance at becoming wealthy.   If our belief is still that we are at the mercy of our genes, we’re not going to do the things that produce health either.

We will be slaves to the pharmaceutical/medical industry to do with us as they please.  We will be stuck at our jobs that we don’t like because we can’t afford to be without the health plan that comes with it.  Because, we need the drugs that the health plan pays for.  If you’re on Medicare, you will have to choose the most expensive plan to get them to pay for all the drugs.  That will keep you from taking a trip to visit your grandkids in Texas.

Here’s the gospel: You were made in God’s image. Not broken.  Not sick.  But, we (and me too) don’t follow the laws that produce health.  So, we get to suffer some consequence.  Ideally, we learn and correct that and then heal.  But, then we got this little guy on our shoulder that invites us to keep behaving the same way if we just take this drug, we don’t have to change.  That little guy is everywhere.  On the news, on satellite radio, our mothers, our family members, the newspapers… everywhere.

That’s why it seems like everything you hear inside the Vibrant Life Center is so foreign.  It’s foreign only because a large part of our culture is built on the profits from the lie that you are broken.  Beginning in preschool when you learned that you need “a shot” to be “healthy”.  But, it is the only way out.  It is the truth.   That your body heals itself.  It needs no help.  Just no interference.

Daniel T. Barrett, D.C.