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The Overlooked Factor for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays

Ask your coworker or a family member how to stay healthy during the holidays. They’ll probably mention abstaining from that second piece of dessert, choosing more lean turkey and fewer starchy sides during Thanksgiving dinner, and being mindful when you indulge. All of these things contribute to healthy holidays, but one variable often gets overlooked:

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16 Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is often classified as a negative emotion, but a certain amount of stress can make you more resilient to life’s challenges and obstacles. “[T]he right amount of stress—whelmed but not overwhelmed—can be a great motivator,” says Susan David, Ph.D., in Emotional Agility, “As uncomfortable as it feels at times, it’s the stress that keeps

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The Effects of Sugar on Mood

What you eat can dramatically impact your mood. You can likely recall eating a heavy meal — say, meat lasagna followed by a big piece of tiramisu — and subsequently feeling lethargic and moody. Or maybe you ate a big salad for lunch and felt invigorated and focused all afternoon. Conversely, your mood can influence

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