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Support Your Family’s Health With These Seven Healthy Family Activities

Sedentary Behavior in Kids Today Increases Risk of Obesity Many children today sit too much and don’t move enough. They’re lured by less-than-healthy foods and technology overpowers their lives. As parents, you’re probably very aware of these problems and you’re eager to find solutions. Whether you’re attempting to start the New Year healthily or getting

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After Holiday Illness? How to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy After the Holidays

Why You Get Sick After the Holidays The post-holiday months can feel especially challenging. Cold weather, taxes, credit card bills, and an anticlimactic blah, the holidays are over feeling can sabotage your health and happiness during January, February, and beyond. If all that isn’t enough, the winter months oftentimes incur more sickness. Before you know

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Have a Healthy Valentine’s Day and Keep Your Heart Strong for Love of Life

Valentine’s Day Chocolate = Heart Strong? Flowers and chocolate. Quick: What holiday does that bring to mind? You probably guessed Valentine’s Day, and science supports your choice if you gift your significant other or your mother: Roses and chocolate are likely to be evaluated more positively during this mid-February holiday compared with other times of

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