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Meet the team of chiropractic doctors and professionals at our clinic.

Meet the Doctors

Our Oakdale and Edina offices rotate doctors. Both Dr. Daniel Barrett and Dr. Bria Schoenecker will care for you at either location. Dr. Barrett spends more time in Edina, Dr. Schoenecker spends more time in Oakdale. The staff at the front desk keep everything running smoothly.

Dr. Daniel Barrett

Lead Team Doctor

Dr. Daniel Barrett has been in practice since 1992. Currently the lead doctor between 2 locations, Oakdale and Edina, Miinnesota. Dr. Barrett has extensive training in chiropractic and medical education. He holds a doctorate in chiropractic from Northwestern College of Chiropractic graduating 1991. And and doctor of medicine from Russia State Medical University in 1996. Comparatively, chiropractic has the potential to get sick people well. Medicine, wonderful as it is in a crisis, doesn't confer anyone with any better healing than when they got sick in the first place. Thus, Dr. Barrett focuses solely on getting sick people healthy. That's only done by removing the obstacles and interference to the body's innate healing. Nothing from the "outside" can be put on you or in you to make you heal better. That's an inside job. That's why chiropractic is the shizzle.
In his off time, Dr. Barrett, now an empty nester, is a musician, playing keyboards in classic rock genre at local venues.

Dr. Bria Schoenecker

Team Doctor

Dr. Schoenecker is an amazing young doctor with a passion for children and families. If you were to ask her about her health before she found chiropractic... you'd be in for a long, sordid medical history. Chiropractic has transformed a decade or longer of visits to the doctor and courses and courses of antibiotics to a healthy, vibrant lifestyle which no longer requires those interventions. She loves the share how she got from sick to healthy and do the same for others.
In her free time she enjoys working out, hiking,.... Minnesota activities....


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